Sunday, March 20, 2016


Week 6 and 7

Hola family and friends! I AM FINALLY IN THE FIELD! And I love it! I already know this mission is going to change my life!

but first things first. The food here is amazing and just be prepared for me to come back 50 pounds heavier because oh my goodness It is so delicious! 

As for the Spanish. I can understand almost everything, or I at least can guess what they are talking about. HOWEVER talking is the hard part! But I know that it will come eventually. All you who are on missions speaking a foreign language... Please tell me I am not the only one who was silent their first week! lol.
Also a lot of people in Costa Rica speak at least SOME English.... everywhere I go people try to practice their English with me. A few days ago we were with a family with a million kids and it was super loud and crazy... the kids kept yelling all at once.... COMO SE DICE FEO EN INGLAIS.... And then the adults started trying to explain to me what feo was and everyone was laughing and scrunching up their faces and pointing to their faces, and they were all talking at once and I was so confused! hahaha I later found out the word feo means ugly in english and everything made so much more sense. 😂

Also something else that is pretty funny... everytime I tell a member or someone who knows the church that i am from Utah, they always say... Oh la fabrica..... or english... the mormon factory. hahaha! they say it out of love though 😂

Also the people here have no problem commenting on you and your appearance. Everyone and their dog comments on my red cheeks, my different colored hair (aka my roots because I havent died my hair in awhile) and how I am a gringa. It is hilarious             *Jessica starts to cry*

But the people here are fantastic and Costa Rica is so great! Sometimes I just look around me and think HOLY GUACAMOLE I AM IN COSTA RICA PREACHIN THE GOOD WORD. 

Its great 😂 I am still getting used to the bars in front of all the house... there is no knocking on doors here in Costa Rica... you just yell through the bars! And I am also getting used to the fact that all the women greet each other with kisses on the cheek... also I still cant speak Spanish 😂.... but the people here are so kind and understanding. 

The other day a woman we were visiting with was talking about hojas... and I had no clue what she was saying... so she started pointing at flowers and petals and a vase... and i still was not getting it... so she grabbed my hand and brought me to the window and pointed to the leaves on the tree outside her window... Oh geez she was so happy when I finally understood. 

Another family we have seen a few times this week has the cutest kids... they are always asking me how to say things in English and I taught them a few words. They are so cute. Ahhh the people here are just so great. And dont even get me started on our ward. Yesterday was my first sunday and I have never felt so loved by people I had just met. Oh geez everyone..... I just love Costa Rica 😀😁

Things I took for granted in the United States
Air conditioning

AND SPIRITUAL THOUGHT SINCE I KNOW YOU FOLKS ALL WANT ONE. I have had this phrase stuck in my head since I heard it in the MTC. 

In the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, WE HAVE NO FEAR

Fear is not a tool of God or Jesus Christ. It is a tool of Satan, and Satan alone. A mission is probably the scariest thing I have ever done. I am in a new world where hardly anyone speaks the same language as me (including my companion) and where I am teaching people in their houses and going up to random strangers and talking in a foreign language. Its terrifying! But i know that if you want to punch Satan and his fear in the face, all you gotta do is open your mouth and teach! Or, if you are not on a mission right now, all you gotta do is face the fear. And just remember that fear is the opposite of faith. SO BE BOLD! Stand up for what you believe in! And know that you are never alone 😁😁

Well... thats all I think... Love you and miss you all! 
Con amor
Hermana Bass
PS. Sending pictures of the bus ride from the Temple in San Jose to the church in Escasu where i met my trainer! and pictures of the young womens ward in my area, Pavas.

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