Monday, August 29, 2016


Week 31

Okay so I honestly didnt think things could get any better than last week but I was definitely wrong about that! Last week I mentioned that we didnt have a house in Belén so we were living with the Hermanas in Ojo De Agua, and finding a house was difficult. So the assistents to the President decided to move out and give us their house! hahah I feel just a little guilty for kicking them out but only just a little bit because OH MY GOODNESS WE LIVE RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE TEMPLE!  And the house is an added-on section to some members house, so on tope of living in front of the temple we are living next to the MOST amazing family ever! Sister Brenas brought us muffins right out of the oven on sunday morning and geezo I just feel like I dont deserve to be in such an amazing area... I keep asking myself what I did to deserve such a wonderful area and I hope we will find success here! Sometimes its easy to feel inadequate... Especially when you are helping in a work that definitely is not your own.. But i keep remembering the words of Elder Rasband when he spoke us in the MTC. That he who the Lord calls, he qualifies.

Me and my companion also gave talks on Sunday and got to meet the members of the ward... they are all so great! we´ve had a bunch of lessons with the assistents and thats a bit scary! hahah But our chapel is behind the temple and its so beautiful! On Saturday we had an activity for Sociedad De Socorro to celebrate Mothers Day and we had a Mariachi come and it was so fun! 

OH! and we have a family from utah that are living in our ward and they dont speak any Spanish! We went to visit them and oh geez that was a rough time because I legit have no idea how to do missionary work in English... and talking was hard. hahaha 

But anyways its been a great week and I cant wait to see what the next week brings! 

1. Temple! 
2. My beautiful area! ush! 

Hermana Bass

P.s. Belén in english is Bethlehem so I am just praying I can stay here until Christmas! hahah how cool would that be?? Christmas in Bethlehem??


Week 30

Okay folks so if you couldnt tell by my title... im feeling all sorts of emotions right now! I am officially leaving Pavas... and I am really sad about that! I am going to miss all of the wonderful people and my hilarious companion! HOWEVER I am headed for Belen, in Heredia!! Only the assistents to the President have been in this area for the past 8 months! But they decided to split the area in half and send hermanas in! So me and my new companion, Hermana Terrones, are going to open a new area! Ahhhh im super nervous but super excited! Every single person I have talked to has said that Belen is so beautiful... and from what I have seen so far they are all right! I already love it here! and I havent even told you the best part yet! The temple is in my area! I am typing this email from the chapel behind the temple right now! AHHHH OH MY GOODNESS i am just so excited! I am pretty sure we can have lessons outside of the temple with our investigators and we get to work closely with the assistents to the President. If I havent said it a million times... AHHHHHH! hahah Heavenly Father really knows us personally and knows where we should go and who we should be with!

For right now we dont have a house in Belen so we will be living with two other hermanas in a city called Ojo De Agua  until we can find an apartment. I am just feeling so blessed! A lot of people dont know this but about a year ago I was really thinking about going to a University here in Heredia, Costa Rica... I just felt like its what I needed to do. However it was very expensive and things didnt work out... after about four or five months of being so excited to go to Costa Rica, I felt like my dreams got crushed! hahah (Not to be dramatic or anything) 😂It wasnt until September that I got my call and found out I would be going to Costa Rica. And I cant really explain it but somehow I just felt that i would be going to Heredia soon... and I am so excited that here is my chance! I just know there are people here waiting for us to find them! 

The mission really is an amazing experience! Every change or transfer that comes brings something new to learn and you change just a little bit each time. I know I say this every email but I am just so happy I made the decision to serve a mission! 

As for Pavas, my last two days we had a BAPTISM! Randy was baptized on Saturday and confirmed yesterday! This kid has got so much faith and is such an example for his family! We can all learn something from little kids... how to be more patient and obedient and humble! 

Oh my goodness I am just so excited (AND NERVOUS) for what is to come! I have never opened an area but I know that its going to be an adventure! And that I wont be doing it alone! 

1. Me and my new companion Hermana Terrones! (from Mexico) 
2. Bautismo de Randy
3. TEMPLE (taken about five minutes ago... AHHHHH!)

Love you all and wish me luck! ❤ 
Hermana Bass


Week 29

Well this week I am officially Tica! (Costa Rican) On Thursday a bunch of us ´´newbies´´ left to get our Costa Rica ID, including Hermana Farber! 😀 We also had our last English class on Friday because I am pretty sure my time here in Pavas is coming to an end 😢 We have transfers next week and nothing is certain right now but I have been here in Pavas for almost six months... So we are pretty sure that this will be my last week! I really love Pavas and the people! But I know that wherever I go next will be where I need to be!

Today is also Mothers Day in Costa Rica! There has been music blasting through the streets and everyone is carrying flowers and cakes and its been fun to be in San Jose today! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all you moms out there.... from Costa Rica! ❤ 

And the best ward mission leader, Aldair, got his mission call this week! As we were in correlación the stake president called to tell him his letter had arrived! So saturday night all the members gathered in the church to watch him open his call! He is going to serve in El Salvador and we are gunna miss him lots! It brought back great memories of when I opened my call ALMOST A YEAR AGO. It was a reminder that I am here in Costa Rica for inspiration and that I am exactly where I need to be and with the people I need to be with. Also a good reminder that wherever I go this next transfer its because God needs me there! 

Its been a great adventure so far and I am so happy and I cant wait to see where I go next! ❤
Have a wonderful week! 
Hermana Bass

 Mission leader getting his call to serve, my favorite little boy here in Costa Rica, and the kids in my English Class! 


Week 28

Well this week I dont have much time to write but I promise next week I will write more! But this week as I was going through my photos and only had photos with a bunch of my favorite kids here in Costa Rica! So im gunna send them! im not sure the order but there is one of my favorite boys (Alberto and Silvana's kids), one of the adorable girls in my english class that all wrote me messages on the whiteboard, and one of Janiuska... the craziest but cutest little girl ever 😊

Also last night I woke my companion up by yelling, (in Spanish I might add) THE HOUSE BEHIND THE CHURCH IS ON FIRE! hahaha I guess our experience with the church almost burning down really stuck with me! After my companion asked me what the heck was happening I said, ''i really hope that this is real and isnt a dream'' and then went back to sleep. hahahah im crazy in my sleep. 

But anyways have a great week! and I promise there will be more next week! 


Week 27

Hello friends and family! Its been a wonderful week here in Costa Rica!! 😁
ALBERTO AND SILVANA WERE MARRIED AND BAPTIZED. Saturday morning we set up decorations for the wedding and got everything ready. During the wedding me and my companion, Hermana Santos were the two witnesses and got to sign this really official looking document. That was probably the coolest thing thats happened to me in the mish so far 😂 Right after their wedding they changed into their white clothes and we had their baptisms. Silvana was terrified of the water being cold and her fears were recognized when she walked into the font. She started yelling how cold it was... When she took the hand of Elder Orellana she said, RÁPIDO ELDER. Everyone was dying laughing... I just love both of them so much! Afterwards they had a party at their house and we all headed over to eat some delicious food and celebrate! They were both confirmed on Sunday but we almost died of anxiety because Silvana showed up thirty minutes late and we thought she wasnt going to be able to make it 😂 But everything went great and we are two extremely grateful and happy missionaries 😊❤

And somethin funny that happened to me this week.. I called a taxi while with the Pavas missionaries and a whole family of members. The house we were in is close to a place called Hospital Psiquiátrico (Mental Hospital) but I accidently said IGLESIA Psiquiatrico (Mental Church) oh geez everyone was crying they were laughing so hard... Spanish is hard. 

BUT its so much easier and man I have improved so much since the MTC! I love this language and this crazy country and these crazy people! I just want to reccomend serving a mission to everyone because honestly I am so glad i am here and I have the opportunity to be a Missionary! It is so amazing to watch people change and see a light in their eyes! Silvana went to many different churches and never liked any of them. Her first time in the church she told us there is a peace unlike anything she has ever felt and shes knows our wonderful message is true! As for Alberto he has a past... and many things that he has been holding onto and his baptism was new beginning! He could get rid of all of his burdens and just start fresh... We watched as a light came into both of their faces. This Gospel truly is amazing folks! And I couldnt be happier to be a Missionary in the Costa Rica, San Jose West Mission. 

Hermana Bass


Week 26

Sorry I dont have much time to write so instead I am going to send some pictures! time is going by so fast and on Wednesday i will have been gone for six months!  im already a third into my mission and only panicking a little bit because honestly i love it here and i want time to go by slower!
This week we had Week of Miracles and it went great! We all stood in front of the church and sang hymns for the people passing by and after we headed for the Carpio to help the Elders find new people to teach... also had a bunch of activities to collect money for the family that lost their home in the fire a few weeks ago. 

AND THE MOST EXCITING NEWS.. Alberto and Silvana had their baptism interviews and we waited a whole day to find out it they could be baptised or not... we got a text from our zone leaders saying that they can be baptised on July 30th  and we literally jumped out of our seats and started screaming and hugging each other... that was good bonding moment with my companion 😊❤ We have really been stressed about that! So this week is going to be filled with helping them plan their wedding and baptism! 

it also rained alot this week.. To the point where we couldnt get to one of our investigators house because the whole street was flooded.. along with a car in the middle of the flood... Im sending a picture 😊 

Also sending a picture of our bus selfie this morning! I guess its some kind of holiday in Costa Rica so today there was literally NO ONE on the bus and we had the whole thing to ourselves! It was good time 😊 Afterwards we all headed to the church in Alejuelita... and because we have about six Elders from El Salvador in our zone we made pupusas.. AND PLAYED PING PONG. The only negative thing is I have had a cold for the past two days and im hoping im better by tomorrow! But all in all it was a great week! and today im grateful for my zone and my companion and that Im here in Costa Rica 😊 Love you all! have a great week! 
Hermana Bass 


Week 25

 Its official! Sister missionaries are wearing pants over here in the Costa Rica San Jose West Mission and I cant get used to it! It was  probably the only noteworthy thing that happend this week.😂 Also we can only wear skirts to our ankels now.... so if you have any skirts you´d like to send me that would be wonderful 😉 All of the sister missionaries in our mission had a meeting so I got to see my beloved companion from the MTC, HERMANA FARBER! She´s great. Also my beloved mother, HERMANA BELETZUY. 

AND This week we helped the cutest family move! We helped them clean the new house and... HELPED THEM PAINT THE WALLS. Ahhh it was so fun. And they are adorable. Sending pictures. 

Im trying to think of what else happened this week... I think thats all the really noteworthystuff 😂 Other than that we sang in Sacrament and are planning a wedding for Alberto and Silvana. I´ll keep you all posted about what happens. Have a wonderful week! 

Hermana Bass

JUST A FIRE. But No Big Deal

Week 24

Well the most exciting thing this week happened while we were in a meeting in the church. The missionaries, our ward mission leader, and ward missionaries were all gathered in the church. We started to smell smoke but didnt think much of it.... WE casually ended the meeting with pray and song. We started to hear firetrucks outside but, again, we didnt think much of it. We casually all started to leave the meeting. As we walked outside we saw about a hundred people gathered in front of the church and when we looked up there were huge billows of smoke coming from behind the church. A man came running up yelling, ´´OPEN THE CHURCH GATE.. HURRY OPEN THE CHURCH GATE FOR THE FIREMEN...´´ We ran for the keys to let them in... The fire was right behind the church... Two houses caught fire and luckily the firemen put the fire out before catching the whole church on fire. Nobody was hurt but two dogs died in the houses 😢 I am sending the only pic I have before my camera died!

BUT other than the church almost burning down not much else happened! We had transfers yesterday and I was freaking out all day until my zone leader called and said I am staying in Pavas!! Yay!! I will officially have about five months here in my area! 

We also had splits with the sister training leaders again but this time I left for Escazu! I spent two days in Escazu with Hermana Suazo! I learned a lot from her and I am really grateful for her and her example. AND I gave my first talk in Sacrament yesterday... So yay my Spanish is improving! And me and my companion spent the week selling banana bread to help pay for Alberto and Silvana´s wedding! They are just the best! 


 This week we had a lesson with a woman who is a member but has made some bad decisions and ended up in a really bad place. I had the most spiritual lesson so far in the mission with her. she told us her ex boyfriend had driven up with guns, taken her to his house, and wouldnt let her leave for two days.She sat in front of us and sobbed as she told us all she could do was pray... pray that she would see her kids again... She fell asleep and when she woke up at 5 in the morning she was able to sneak past her ex boyfriend and make it home... She came to church with us on Sunday and folks... I am only telling this story to all you so you can know, just as I know with complete surety, that there is a God. That he is listening and will never leave us alone. It doesnt matter how far we fall from the path... He is ALWAYS waiting with open arms to welcome us back home. Her story is not something I am going to go around sharing because I consider it sacred.. and a moment I will never forget as we all sat her in living room and cried.. I have never felt the spirit stronger in the misson field... He is there... And he is listening... And I hope none of you forget that. 

Hermana Bass❤😉
Not sure the order of the photos but
1. Me, Rebecca (My favorite) and my companion!
2. Photo of me sleeping. Your welcome 
3. Half of the kids in my English class. They are so adorable.