Friday, February 26, 2016


Week 4 (2/23/16)

Hello friends and family! I am officially half way done at the MTC and have almost been here a month! Oh my goodness the time is flying by! This week we had Apostle, Elder Rasband, come speak to us and it was so inspiring. It was also the first time I have seen an Apostle in person even though I live in Utah! haha So that was pretty cool. Also the other Hermanas in my room tell me that I have been speaking Spanish in my sleep, walking around rustling papers, and teaching lessons in Spanish. My sleep walking has always been interesting but I AM NOW SPEAKING SPANISH IN MY SLEEP. I can't speak it when I am awake, but I have witnesses that I can speak it in my sleep! 😂  

We said goodbye to another district this week which was sad. I only have 12 days until I leave for Costa Rica! Pray for me and my Spanish! :D 

Me and my companions had a swing dancing lesson in our room... She yelled, "catch me" and jumped into my arms. I ended up dropping her on her head... and our companionship has never been the same since. 
I am officially the four square champion during gym time
The other day me and zone walked to the temple and sang "God Be With You Till We Meet Again" In Spanish, right before a district left and it was so sad. 
I see people from Bingham EVERYWHERE and I love it (including Michael Weston and Alauna Rosner) 
Me and my companions found this room connected to the bathroom with beds, a tv, a mirror, and a coat rack! Don't worry though... we didn't watch the tv😉 We named it the Room of Requirement for any Harry Potter fans out there. 

Oh! and one more sleepwalking story. The other night at two in the morning, apparently I jumped out of bed, raced across the room with my blanket wrapped around me like a cape, flipped the lights on, and ran back to my bed. Hermana Wanlass said she saw the whole thing and it was the most terrifying experience of her whole life. Her bed is right by the light switch and I guess right before I ran back to my bed, I looked right at her with crazy eyes. 

I am psycho in my sleep I decided. 

Love you all! and miss you! 
Nos Vemos! 
Hermana Bass

Monday, February 22, 2016

Life at the MTC is FLYING by!

Week 3 (2/16/16) 

Hello everyone! Life at the MTC is FLYING by! I can't believe it has already been three weeks! We had a whole district in our zone leave for Panama and Argentina yesterday, so that was sad! Including a friend from Highschool, Molly Ramsey. I love walking around the MTC and seeing people I know from Bingham or South Jordan. I have even seen some people from Cedar City! It is great:) 

My teachers are great and so far with the Spanish I can understand most of what my teachers are saying to me, I just can't speak yet! haha I will have conversations with my teachers where i am speaking english to them and they answer with Spanish... But i am also pretty sure our teachers talk to us like they would preschoolers! 😂

However, our Spanish gets better everyday and everyday i get more and more excited to head out to Costa Rica and start teaching for real! 

Last night we were teaching a lesson to our teacher and we came in with this wonderfully planned lesson on the Book of Mormon. THEN he just went off talking about temple work... and I had NO clue how to respond in spanish about any of that so i just said, "es en la biblia" or "Its in the bible" and he said, "what verses?" and i looked at my two companions and they gave me this look of horror like, 'WHY DID YOU JUST SAY THAT?' hahaha and I just lost it... I definitely couldn't find a scripture and the whole lesson I COULDN'T stop laughing. ya know when you can't stop laughing when something is really serious? Yep. That happened to me last night. 

I could definitely work on my Spanish. 😂
But anyways, I love my district, i love my zone, I love my companions, and I LOVE THE MTC! 
Hermana Bass

Still Alive. Though the Spanish might kill me! ;)

Week 2 (2/9/16)
Day 14. Still Alive. Though the Spanish might kill me! ;) I am sending pictures this week so my email is going to be pretty short! But just know I love you guys! And that the MTC is hard and challenging me to grow every day and I am so grateful for that! And I know I am not alone! 
We read Mosiah 24:10-17 Today as a class and it pumped me up for the coming week! haha! Adios! 

Hola Everyone!

Week 1 (2/2/16)
Hola everyone! For my first week in the MTC I have to start with a story. 
Me and my companion had to teach an investigator in Spanish. Yikes. And let me tell you, she did not seem happy to be listening to us. We told her that God loved her and she replied, "I don't believ you." So my companion whipped out a scripture and read it in espanol. She then went on to bare her testimony in spanish about how God loves this woman. We asked if she would pray about it and the woman gave us this "are you serious" face and bluntly said, "No" 
We awkwardly left and later my companion started thinking about it and we realized she had shared the wrong scripture. She was supposed to read 1 Nephi 21:15. Now go read this scripture right now. It is a very touching scripture of the Love of God. After reading that scripture now go read the one we ACTUALLY read. She accidently turned to FIRST Nephi 21:15. I cried I was laughing so hard. And if you say the word, "egyptian" my whole district is guaranteed to crack up. Ahhhh good times. 

Hopefully our Spanish gets better! It should because honestly our days consist of spanish classes and meal times Face with tears of joy But it is such a beautiful language and I love learning it! 
Ahhhh sorry folks! the wrong scripture is SECOND Nephi 21:15. hahah sorry bout' that!

Hermana Bass Starts Her 18 month Journey

Day 1 (1/27/16)

We spent the morning doing last minute EVERYTHING!!! Last minute packing, pictures, hugs and guitar playing.

Then we headed out to Provo to meet Michael Weston and his family for lunch at BamBams since he was going to the MTC on the same day as Jessica. On our way we sang We'll Bring The World His Truth

BamBams with Micheal

We dropped Jessica off at exactly 12:34. It took about 3 minutes to enter the MTC, unload Jessica's luggage and say goodbye and then she was on her way. She didn't even look back and we didn't think we got a good picture of her leaving until we started looking through the pictures in the car and one had a beam of light shining down on her and we knew she was going to be alright. Jessica had wrote us all letters we could open on our way home and in Kourtney's letter she told her to play "Don't Worry Be Happy" by Bob Marley so we jammed out the whole way home. 

Jessica's first email letting us know how her first day went

Hey Kourt! They gave me five minutes to email and let you know im alive! I didn't get to bring my email list so you are the only one I have on here already! lol. So send this out to everyone for me! Just wanted to let you guys know I miss you already! I hope the play was amazing! So far we have done get to know you games and tours and orientation and I've already had a two hour class on Spanish... no english. Yikes. But I actually got most of it and the pronunciations came pretty easy to me. We also had investigators tonight that we had to teach... That was interesting to watch! and I REALLY have to get used to using my last name. lol. But honestly I am going to love it here! I already know that:) My companion and me have so much in common and she is super cool! Plus I have already seen Michael a bunch! I've past him all day! haha. But I've also seen a ton of people from Bingham just the first day. One of my good friends Molly Ramsey is one of our trainers so that is fun. So basically I have no time but just know its been a good day and I can't wait to figure out the schedule and start to figure things out here!