Friday, May 6, 2016


Week 14

Well this week I found out that my waterproof jacket is not waterproof. That was fun.

I also discovered how much I love the movie, Meet the Mormons! If you are reading this and have not seen it.... go watch it. In memory of me. 😂😉 This week we got to watch it with an investigator and a some members and it was so great! I definitely cried during the last story. No judgement. The investigators name is Maria and I am so grateful for her! The Montiels are my second family and Maria is my adopted grandma! 😂 Her baptism is May 14 and I could not be more excited! 

I also practiced my sewing this week with one of my favorite people here in Pavas, RUTH! She says she is my second mom here in Costa Rica and one day I will have to come back and visit... She also tells me that one day I am going to have ten children because I am from Utah and everyone from Utah has lots of kids. 😂 

This week I am going on splits with the sister training leaders and am SUPER SUPER nervous... so pray for me. Ill be praying for all of you😁 Love you all! And thanks for all the wonderful emails of support and love! I really am so blessed😊
Hermana Bass


Week 13

Well I dont know how to say this without sounding like a really bad poet... but my heart is singing this week!

..... Okay yeah. Bad Poet. But its true! This week 3 members of my second family here in Costa Rica were baptized! There names are Carmen, Elizabeth, and Evelyn and my joy is full folks! One of the reasons I decided to go on a mission was because of the scripture in D&C 18:10-16... The worth of souls truly is great in the eyes of God! 

After the baptisms we all sang Because I Have Been Given Much... and as we sang that song and I looked around at all of the wonderful people surrounding me, I couldnt help but feel so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to serve a mission here in Costa Rica, and in Pavas. 

And on that note.... wow tiempo vuela! Time flies! This wednesday is my three month anniversary! We are going to celebrate by buying this delicious banana bread. I am pretty excited about it. 


1. I was proposed to this week... That was fun. But don´t worry folks, I said no! 

2. I am starting to forget words in English and I am pretty stoked about it! My companion told me to pray in english and it was a struggle! 😀

3. Our ward has Zumba every wednesday night and we get to go because our investigators are going... Que divertido. 

Things taken for granted in ´Merica

I don´t know why but this week I miss carpet... No specific reason. I just miss it! hahaha

Well thats all I have for you this week! Miss you all and wherever you are in the world right now, just know I am sending my love from Costa Rica! 

Hasta Luego friends! 
Hermana Bass


The rainy season has officially started!

Week 12

Okay friends the gross stuff first😂 primero. I have never seen so many spiders in one apartment before in my life! This morning we seriously killed about 100 while cleaning the apartment. I almost cried. Also, every time we visit this woman there is this mouse (I am pretty sure it is the same one every time) that runs out from under the fridge right by feet and then darts back under fridge. EVERY TIME WE VISIT HER THIS HAPPENS. The first couple times it was pretty horrible... but now we are good friends.😉 Also at another womans house, she said that cockroaches and rats were a normal occurrance in her home.... And then right after she said that the BIGGEST rat I have ever seen crawled out from under the floor boards.... oh geez I have no words for that experience. And yes, I know that you all wanted to hear about the vermin here in Costa Rica😂
Segundo! The rainy season has officially started! It poured rain a few days ago and I couldnt be happier about it! Im sending pictures.
Also, this week I am extremely grateful for the people here in Pavas. I used to think that my ¨second family¨ here in Costa Rica would be my mission president and his wife... but I realize now that it is the people that become your second family! I am so grateful for the love and kindess from our investigators. There is one family of 8 (part member) that is absolutely amazing! I am sending pictures of them as well! This week we taught their 2 year old daughter, Madelyn, how to pray and on Sunday they had their interviews to be baptized this coming week. There really is no other greater joy than watching the Gospel of Jesus Christ li change lives!
con amor,
Hermana Bass


Week 11

Hi friends😊 I dont have a lot of time and I just barely sent out a mass email on friday... so this is gunna be real quick

1. I bore my testimony in Sacrament yesterday so that was fun... Spanish is hard😂

2. Some our investigators told us they had a surprise for us... so we went with them and they brought us to the shoe store and bought us new shoes... it was kinda strange but wow they are so nice! And I have new shoes! hahaha 

3. I am sending pictures of our tortilla making party! 

4. Miss you all😊

Oh! and something i CANNOT get used to here in Costa Rica... Everyone calls each other fat! hahaha we go to a house and (in Spanish) my companion says, HELLO FATTY! hahaha or to describe someone they say, oh yeah the fat one? Oh geez I had to explain to my companion that where I am from that is pretty offensive... she just laughed and said everyone says it here.... I swear if anyone calls me gordita I am going to burst into tears right there 😉😂
But anyways... Have a good week! 
Hermana Bass

 TORTILLA MAKING FIESTA... also i forgot to mention this in my email but I got to eat spagetti and hamburgers this week! #blessed