Sunday, April 3, 2016


Week 8

Its me again everyone😁 I hope your week went well.

None of you will believe that quiet, soft spoken Jessica did this. But I did. And I have my compañera to prove it. 😉 Now in the Costa Rica San Jose West Mission, you aren´t considered a serious missionary until you do something called bus contacting. Or at least I don´t think you are... I´ve only been here two weeks😂 But anyways. Back to bus contacting. The bus here is one of the most popular forms of transportation. There is usually about 40 or 50 people on every bus you ride. So a few days ago we were riding the bus back from Alejuela and my compañera says its time to do bus contacting. So I STOOD UP ON THE BUS AND SHARED A MESSAGE IN SPANISH IN FRONT OF EVERYONE. I felt like Samuel the lamanite. Coolest but scariest thing I have ever done.
This week I also experienced my first dose of persecution. What up😂 We went to this home and the wife let us in and we were in her living room talking with her and her kids... and everything was all fine and dandy. We sang some hymns and shared a message.... AND THEN the husband came out and I have no idea what he said because it was very fast and loud Spanish... but I definitely got the message that he wanted us to leave his house immediately. Oh geez it was interesting. The only time I was glad I cant speak Spanish very well. 😂
We were also talking with this other family and this little 7 year old grabbed my hand inbetween hers and said, ¨Look mom its an Oreo¨ 😂 So funny.
If any one on my email list reading this is on a mission right now, if possible, you should get the Riciarrdi Letter by Danny Humphrey.. I am pretty sure that is the name.... but every missionary should read it. Its amazing.
Things I Took For Granted In The United States
Houses without spiders. Me and my compañera went on a spider killing spree last night... We have a bunk bed and there were spiders all above my bed. 😨And last night I defintely had nightmares about Spiders. hahaha
And don´t worry I haven´t slept walk yet.... though my compañera tells me I speak better Spanish in my sleep than I do awake😂
As for the people here... We have been teaching this AMAZING family that I absolutely love... even though I cant fully communicate with them, i can feel how much they each other. The dad used to be a bishop... and the other day we asked him something and he started talking and I had absolutely no idea what he was saying but I was just overwhelmed with the spirit and I looked over at my compañera and she was crying... and I still have no idea what that man said but I know it must of been really great. But yesterday the family members who have not been baptized agreed that by April they will be baptized😀I am super excited about it.
So yeah the people here are great. And I love it😀 But I miss you all and hope things are going well😀
Hasta Luego😘
Hermana Bass

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