Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Week 5 (3/1/16)

Hello again! :D The most exciting part about this week is I GOT MY FLIGHT PLANS! I am leaving for Costa Rica THIS Sunday at 7! Ahhh I am so excited! Costa Rica won't know what hit em' ;)

After six weeks here at the MTC, I am surprising myself by saying I am going to miss it here! I will miss the people, the devotionals, and the food 😉 

I also have to say goodbye to my amazing district & my wonderful teachers.I decided as a missionary, you just have to get used to saying goodbyes! 😂 

This was also our last week teaching our TRC investigator, Viri! We were so sad! But also so excited because our last lesson with her was one of the best lessons we have taught! We showed her this video but in Spanish. If you have time, go watch it! :) 

Also. For those of you who have seen the Christmas movie Elf: 
The other day one of the MTC presidency wives hugged me and said, "You smell like chocolate chip cookies!" 
My district said it was the most 'elf' thing they have ever heard in real life. Hilarious. 

AND I ALMOST FORGOT but my district auditioned to sing and now get to sing for the new missionaries coming to the MTC this Wednesday! I remember the person who sang to us on my first Wednesday here and now we get to sing for the new missionaries on our last Wednesday here! I am so excited :) 

Well folks, I think that is all I have for you this week! The next time I email, I will be in Costa Rica! Pray for my Spanish because I am pretty terrified that in six days from now i will be speaking nothing but Spanish! Ahhh I can't wait :) 

Hermana Bass

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