Friday, February 26, 2016


Week 4 (2/23/16)

Hello friends and family! I am officially half way done at the MTC and have almost been here a month! Oh my goodness the time is flying by! This week we had Apostle, Elder Rasband, come speak to us and it was so inspiring. It was also the first time I have seen an Apostle in person even though I live in Utah! haha So that was pretty cool. Also the other Hermanas in my room tell me that I have been speaking Spanish in my sleep, walking around rustling papers, and teaching lessons in Spanish. My sleep walking has always been interesting but I AM NOW SPEAKING SPANISH IN MY SLEEP. I can't speak it when I am awake, but I have witnesses that I can speak it in my sleep! 😂  

We said goodbye to another district this week which was sad. I only have 12 days until I leave for Costa Rica! Pray for me and my Spanish! :D 

Me and my companions had a swing dancing lesson in our room... She yelled, "catch me" and jumped into my arms. I ended up dropping her on her head... and our companionship has never been the same since. 
I am officially the four square champion during gym time
The other day me and zone walked to the temple and sang "God Be With You Till We Meet Again" In Spanish, right before a district left and it was so sad. 
I see people from Bingham EVERYWHERE and I love it (including Michael Weston and Alauna Rosner) 
Me and my companions found this room connected to the bathroom with beds, a tv, a mirror, and a coat rack! Don't worry though... we didn't watch the tv😉 We named it the Room of Requirement for any Harry Potter fans out there. 

Oh! and one more sleepwalking story. The other night at two in the morning, apparently I jumped out of bed, raced across the room with my blanket wrapped around me like a cape, flipped the lights on, and ran back to my bed. Hermana Wanlass said she saw the whole thing and it was the most terrifying experience of her whole life. Her bed is right by the light switch and I guess right before I ran back to my bed, I looked right at her with crazy eyes. 

I am psycho in my sleep I decided. 

Love you all! and miss you! 
Nos Vemos! 
Hermana Bass

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