Sunday, April 3, 2016


Week 9

What an amazing week!

My Spanish is improving every day! I can contribute more to lessons a little more now and I can follow the conversation pretty well!

A few days ago I had no clue what was going on because I kept asking my companion "Where are we going?" and she kept saying 'Cena' .... finally out of frustration I asked, "Who is Cena!?" She busted up laughing... Cena means dinner in Spanish😂

But the food is amazing... Rice and beans for every meal. But let me tell you... they are the best rice and beans I have ever had in my life😂

Also. I am ashamed to admit it. But yes... I bought crocs (Yes. The ones with the holes in them that were super popular about ten years ago) and yes. I wear them all over the place.
Don't judge me until you have walked my path.

This week was Semana Santa... basically Easter. There were fireworks going off all Saturday night and Sunday... It was odd to be sitting in Sacrament and hear huge booms outside... That was a first😂

Ahhh I love being a missionary folks 😊😀

While on splits with a member, we found a woman named Maria. We started teaching her and after three visits she told us that she has to take care of her grandchildren and she didn't have enough money to have food for herself... only her grandchildren. She then went on to say that after every time we visited her she somehow got enough food for herself too. Wow she is amazing!
Yesterday we were wandering around trying to find new people to teach... and my companion said I had to choose where we went. I eventually stopped at a house and a young woman answered the door and let us in. We asked her what role religion has played in her life and as she started sharing her experiences she broke down in tears. I couldn't understand what she was saying but when she started crying I was hit like a ton of bricks with this feeling of God's love for her, so strong that I couldn't help crying as well. And in that instant, even though I couldn't understand the reason for her tears, I felt that God had seen her struggle and loved her infinitely. It was an experience that has never happened to me before... let alone with a perfect stranger. My companion later told me she was saying how she had loved church but had gotten pregnant with her son and the people at the church shunned her and wouldn't allow her to go anymore. Because of this she hasn't been to a church in five years. I can see now the guilt and hurt behind her tears. What an amazing thought that Jesus Christ can life us through the sorrow and because of him, every day is a new start and we can have clean slates again and again. I can't wait to keep teaching her 😊
Hope everything is going well back at home! Love you all!
Con amor
Hermana Bass

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