Wednesday, July 26, 2017


HELLO! This week was a good one. I officially have 17 months here in the mission! #Vieja Cant believe how fast time has gone! This week we had leadership council and I had to give my last testimony.... also I got to see my amiga from the MTC, Hermana Farber! But leadership council was amazing and we were blessed to hear from our awesome mission president! Folks I have the best mission president ... without a doubt. This week he taught us to ´´SER GRANDE´´or to BE GREAT! To live up to our potential... be great missionaries, fathers, mothers, leaders, workers, husbands, wives... etc. President Laboriel is so amazing and I am so grateful for everything he has taught me these past 17 months. I have thought many times why I called specifically to the Costa Rica San Jose West Mission... but now I know its because I needed President Laboriel as my mission president! I needed to learn all of the lessons he has taught me. If there is one thing I have learned here its that Heavenly Father knows us personally... and he knows exactly what we need. 

Other than leadership council we visited a whole bunch of people this week! There are so many wonderful people here in Liberia... 

AND we also had a crazy experience! hahah On wednesday we had an activity in the church but none of our investigators came. We decided we were going to go out in the street and find an escogido... or someone to bring to the activity. We went out to the bus stop and found a guy waiting to go to Cañas. We invited him and after much convincing, he came in. it wasnt until after that we realized he was really drunk. hahah he came in and start yelling ´´WHAT DOES MORMON MEAN´´ and making a big scene... He left after about 30 minutes and we were pretty grateful! hahaha then four days later (Saturday) we were visiting people in a place called Peloncito which is about 30 minutes away from the church and the bus stop where we found this guy... when we randomly ran into the same guy again! He was super excited and seemed a little bit more normal now that he wasnt drunk... he excitedly told us he wanted to introduce us to his sister in law because she didnt believe him that four days earlier he had talked to missionaries and walked into the activity.... (I was pretty surprised he even remembered the event because he was pretty drunk lol) so his sister in law just happened to live close by... we met her and made an apointment for yesterday.... yesterday we went and she wasnt there but we ended up finding her husband and ended up teaching him! He told us he almost got baptized about four months ago and who went to church four or five times before... He told us that he really liked the church and the only reason he wasnt baptized was because he was working a lot before... we invited him to be baptized on the 28th of this month and he said he would love to do it.... and thats my crazy long story of how we found a guy who was just waiting for us to find him! It was a bunch of coincidences that arent coincidences! I know Heavenly Father is preparing people little by little 😁
But it was a good week :D hope you all had a great week as well! Talk to you next week! LES QUIERO! 
Hermana Bass 

1. Sister Training Leaders! This week at leadership council! 
2. Selfie last pday! 
3. HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY [?]🎉 I put up some decorations in our apartment because this will be my second fourth of july outside of the United States 😭 #´Merica ........ also dont judge my face in this picture... it was taken this morning at 7 am

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