Monday, February 22, 2016

Hermana Bass Starts Her 18 month Journey

Day 1 (1/27/16)

We spent the morning doing last minute EVERYTHING!!! Last minute packing, pictures, hugs and guitar playing.

Then we headed out to Provo to meet Michael Weston and his family for lunch at BamBams since he was going to the MTC on the same day as Jessica. On our way we sang We'll Bring The World His Truth

BamBams with Micheal

We dropped Jessica off at exactly 12:34. It took about 3 minutes to enter the MTC, unload Jessica's luggage and say goodbye and then she was on her way. She didn't even look back and we didn't think we got a good picture of her leaving until we started looking through the pictures in the car and one had a beam of light shining down on her and we knew she was going to be alright. Jessica had wrote us all letters we could open on our way home and in Kourtney's letter she told her to play "Don't Worry Be Happy" by Bob Marley so we jammed out the whole way home. 

Jessica's first email letting us know how her first day went

Hey Kourt! They gave me five minutes to email and let you know im alive! I didn't get to bring my email list so you are the only one I have on here already! lol. So send this out to everyone for me! Just wanted to let you guys know I miss you already! I hope the play was amazing! So far we have done get to know you games and tours and orientation and I've already had a two hour class on Spanish... no english. Yikes. But I actually got most of it and the pronunciations came pretty easy to me. We also had investigators tonight that we had to teach... That was interesting to watch! and I REALLY have to get used to using my last name. lol. But honestly I am going to love it here! I already know that:) My companion and me have so much in common and she is super cool! Plus I have already seen Michael a bunch! I've past him all day! haha. But I've also seen a ton of people from Bingham just the first day. One of my good friends Molly Ramsey is one of our trainers so that is fun. So basically I have no time but just know its been a good day and I can't wait to figure out the schedule and start to figure things out here! 

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