Monday, February 22, 2016

Life at the MTC is FLYING by!

Week 3 (2/16/16) 

Hello everyone! Life at the MTC is FLYING by! I can't believe it has already been three weeks! We had a whole district in our zone leave for Panama and Argentina yesterday, so that was sad! Including a friend from Highschool, Molly Ramsey. I love walking around the MTC and seeing people I know from Bingham or South Jordan. I have even seen some people from Cedar City! It is great:) 

My teachers are great and so far with the Spanish I can understand most of what my teachers are saying to me, I just can't speak yet! haha I will have conversations with my teachers where i am speaking english to them and they answer with Spanish... But i am also pretty sure our teachers talk to us like they would preschoolers! 😂

However, our Spanish gets better everyday and everyday i get more and more excited to head out to Costa Rica and start teaching for real! 

Last night we were teaching a lesson to our teacher and we came in with this wonderfully planned lesson on the Book of Mormon. THEN he just went off talking about temple work... and I had NO clue how to respond in spanish about any of that so i just said, "es en la biblia" or "Its in the bible" and he said, "what verses?" and i looked at my two companions and they gave me this look of horror like, 'WHY DID YOU JUST SAY THAT?' hahaha and I just lost it... I definitely couldn't find a scripture and the whole lesson I COULDN'T stop laughing. ya know when you can't stop laughing when something is really serious? Yep. That happened to me last night. 

I could definitely work on my Spanish. 😂
But anyways, I love my district, i love my zone, I love my companions, and I LOVE THE MTC! 
Hermana Bass

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