Monday, February 22, 2016

Hola Everyone!

Week 1 (2/2/16)
Hola everyone! For my first week in the MTC I have to start with a story. 
Me and my companion had to teach an investigator in Spanish. Yikes. And let me tell you, she did not seem happy to be listening to us. We told her that God loved her and she replied, "I don't believ you." So my companion whipped out a scripture and read it in espanol. She then went on to bare her testimony in spanish about how God loves this woman. We asked if she would pray about it and the woman gave us this "are you serious" face and bluntly said, "No" 
We awkwardly left and later my companion started thinking about it and we realized she had shared the wrong scripture. She was supposed to read 1 Nephi 21:15. Now go read this scripture right now. It is a very touching scripture of the Love of God. After reading that scripture now go read the one we ACTUALLY read. She accidently turned to FIRST Nephi 21:15. I cried I was laughing so hard. And if you say the word, "egyptian" my whole district is guaranteed to crack up. Ahhhh good times. 

Hopefully our Spanish gets better! It should because honestly our days consist of spanish classes and meal times Face with tears of joy But it is such a beautiful language and I love learning it! 
Ahhhh sorry folks! the wrong scripture is SECOND Nephi 21:15. hahah sorry bout' that!

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