Friday, May 6, 2016


Week 11

Hi friends😊 I dont have a lot of time and I just barely sent out a mass email on friday... so this is gunna be real quick

1. I bore my testimony in Sacrament yesterday so that was fun... Spanish is hard😂

2. Some our investigators told us they had a surprise for us... so we went with them and they brought us to the shoe store and bought us new shoes... it was kinda strange but wow they are so nice! And I have new shoes! hahaha 

3. I am sending pictures of our tortilla making party! 

4. Miss you all😊

Oh! and something i CANNOT get used to here in Costa Rica... Everyone calls each other fat! hahaha we go to a house and (in Spanish) my companion says, HELLO FATTY! hahaha or to describe someone they say, oh yeah the fat one? Oh geez I had to explain to my companion that where I am from that is pretty offensive... she just laughed and said everyone says it here.... I swear if anyone calls me gordita I am going to burst into tears right there 😉😂
But anyways... Have a good week! 
Hermana Bass

 TORTILLA MAKING FIESTA... also i forgot to mention this in my email but I got to eat spagetti and hamburgers this week! #blessed

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