Friday, May 6, 2016


Week 13

Well I dont know how to say this without sounding like a really bad poet... but my heart is singing this week!

..... Okay yeah. Bad Poet. But its true! This week 3 members of my second family here in Costa Rica were baptized! There names are Carmen, Elizabeth, and Evelyn and my joy is full folks! One of the reasons I decided to go on a mission was because of the scripture in D&C 18:10-16... The worth of souls truly is great in the eyes of God! 

After the baptisms we all sang Because I Have Been Given Much... and as we sang that song and I looked around at all of the wonderful people surrounding me, I couldnt help but feel so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to serve a mission here in Costa Rica, and in Pavas. 

And on that note.... wow tiempo vuela! Time flies! This wednesday is my three month anniversary! We are going to celebrate by buying this delicious banana bread. I am pretty excited about it. 


1. I was proposed to this week... That was fun. But don´t worry folks, I said no! 

2. I am starting to forget words in English and I am pretty stoked about it! My companion told me to pray in english and it was a struggle! 😀

3. Our ward has Zumba every wednesday night and we get to go because our investigators are going... Que divertido. 

Things taken for granted in ´Merica

I don´t know why but this week I miss carpet... No specific reason. I just miss it! hahaha

Well thats all I have for you this week! Miss you all and wherever you are in the world right now, just know I am sending my love from Costa Rica! 

Hasta Luego friends! 
Hermana Bass


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