Friday, May 6, 2016

The rainy season has officially started!

Week 12

Okay friends the gross stuff first😂 primero. I have never seen so many spiders in one apartment before in my life! This morning we seriously killed about 100 while cleaning the apartment. I almost cried. Also, every time we visit this woman there is this mouse (I am pretty sure it is the same one every time) that runs out from under the fridge right by feet and then darts back under fridge. EVERY TIME WE VISIT HER THIS HAPPENS. The first couple times it was pretty horrible... but now we are good friends.😉 Also at another womans house, she said that cockroaches and rats were a normal occurrance in her home.... And then right after she said that the BIGGEST rat I have ever seen crawled out from under the floor boards.... oh geez I have no words for that experience. And yes, I know that you all wanted to hear about the vermin here in Costa Rica😂
Segundo! The rainy season has officially started! It poured rain a few days ago and I couldnt be happier about it! Im sending pictures.
Also, this week I am extremely grateful for the people here in Pavas. I used to think that my ¨second family¨ here in Costa Rica would be my mission president and his wife... but I realize now that it is the people that become your second family! I am so grateful for the love and kindess from our investigators. There is one family of 8 (part member) that is absolutely amazing! I am sending pictures of them as well! This week we taught their 2 year old daughter, Madelyn, how to pray and on Sunday they had their interviews to be baptized this coming week. There really is no other greater joy than watching the Gospel of Jesus Christ li change lives!
con amor,
Hermana Bass

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