Friday, May 6, 2016


Week 14

Well this week I found out that my waterproof jacket is not waterproof. That was fun.

I also discovered how much I love the movie, Meet the Mormons! If you are reading this and have not seen it.... go watch it. In memory of me. 😂😉 This week we got to watch it with an investigator and a some members and it was so great! I definitely cried during the last story. No judgement. The investigators name is Maria and I am so grateful for her! The Montiels are my second family and Maria is my adopted grandma! 😂 Her baptism is May 14 and I could not be more excited! 

I also practiced my sewing this week with one of my favorite people here in Pavas, RUTH! She says she is my second mom here in Costa Rica and one day I will have to come back and visit... She also tells me that one day I am going to have ten children because I am from Utah and everyone from Utah has lots of kids. 😂 

This week I am going on splits with the sister training leaders and am SUPER SUPER nervous... so pray for me. Ill be praying for all of you😁 Love you all! And thanks for all the wonderful emails of support and love! I really am so blessed😊
Hermana Bass

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