Monday, June 27, 2016


Week 15

Happy mothers day to all of you amazing moms out there! I got to skype with my family yesterday so you could say its been a good week 😊

EXCEPT for the fact that I got lost on the bus this week! My companion got off but I wasnt paying attention and there were a million people so I missed the bus stop! When I realized that she wasnt there oh my goodness I was so scared! I ended up finding the bus stop next to our apartment and my companion found me there... but oh geez with my limited Spanish and limited knowledge of Costa Rica that was pretty terrifying! lol.

Last week I mentioned I was nervous for splits with the sister training leaders but it ended up being the best two days ever! I learned so much! Just goes to show that things that are hard or scary are usually worth it! 

Also for those of you who know who Maddie Villalobos is, she found me at church yesterday and I was so happy! She is a friend from Utah who is going to school in Costa Rica! She is living with the bishop in a different city and I guess her bishop contacted my bishop in Pavas... And then she found me! #ThanksBishop I am sending pictures of us at church yesterday! 

And on Thursday we ran into a band of teenagers practicing together... We listened to them play and then after shared our message with them! I dont think I have ever laughed harder in the mission so far. They are all wonderful people! They also gave us shirts with their band logo on it so we could remember them. There are so many great people in this world! They said to mention them in my email so they can get famous 😂

I am also sending pictures of Maria! She is the one in the pink house, second person from the left. She is so great and such a great example! It has been so amazing to play a role in her conversion! And to see the change in her life! Ahhh I love her so much ❤

As my mission has progressed I have come to realize more and more how God wants to be a part of every aspect of our lives! Before my mission I really only prayed about spiritual things... but in the past three months I have realized that we can pray about everything! From finding the right person to marry to being healhty and losing weight to wanting to grow your hair out! 😂 He wants to be a part of our lives and we can ask for his help with anything in our lives! In the words of the famous Beatles, All You Need Is Prayer. 😂 Or somethin like that. 

Thanks for the love and support! ENVIANDO MUCHO AMOR DE COSTA RICA! 
Hermana Bass


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