Monday, June 27, 2016


Week 21

Okay usually I always start with the really gross stuff first and boy do I have a great story for y´all this week. ๐Ÿ˜‚ I probably had one of the worst experiences of my whole life but also one of the funniest.

We were in a lesson teaching a girl who is about 25 years old. During the lesson there were mice running all over the house, by our feet, and eating the food on the table. So I was already grossed out... THEN towards the end of the lesson about 10 cockroaches all started crawling out of the walls.. Now let me just say I was holding it together pretty good at this point... and even though they were getting closer to me,  I controlled myself and kept teaching. That is until they all started flying. One flew straight for my face and another flew straight into the hair of the investigator. All three of us jumped out of our seats into the middle of the room, all screaming and holding on to each other. They stopped flying around the room and we stood in the middle in silence for about ten seconds, all traces of the cockroaches gone. UNTIL the investigator screams, ´´ITS ON MY ARM´´ and then started the screaming all over again. Now during this time my dear companion kept trying to teach her... Now im not entirely sure how to help you all visualize this but here is my best try: 

WE NEED TO HAVE FAITH *swat *scream YOU CAN CHANGE *squish JESUS *swat *scream 

hahahahah oh geez I have never laughed so hard in my whole life. Me, the investigator, and my companion had tears streaming down our faces and its an experience I am never going to forget. In fact, I think I am a bit tramautized. ๐Ÿ˜‚ 

But a part from that experience it was a great week! Once a month we have something called Week of Miracles. During week of miracles all of the missionaries in each zone gather together  in a different city each day and find new people. So this week I was in Don Bosco, Hatillo, Alejuelita, and lastly here in Pavas! And folks I definitely saw miracles this week! While in Alejuelita I was on splits with a member and as we were walking down the street, a woman with a 20 day old baby came up to us. She told us she had left her house hoping to find someone who could offer a prayer for her baby and we just happened to be right there! She cried as she told us her problems and as we talked about how Jesus Christ has seen her struggle and knows her pain. 

Later in Don Bosco I was on splits with a different sister missionary and we knocked on the door of an older woman. She let us in and we sang the hymn, ´´I need thee every hour´´ While we sang, she cried and told us that she never opens the door for people but felt like she needed to this time... and that we had answered her prayer that day. Her grandchild had recently died and when we told her that we believe children dont need to be baptized before the age of 8, she covered her face in her hands and cried. 

I saw miracles this week folks. And even though I probably wont see any of these people again, I am infinitely grateful for the small role I was able to play, and that I could be an instrument in God´s hands! I dont believe in coincidences folks and I hope you dont either! 

But all in all this week was the most tiring and most fulfilling. I didnt go a single day without coming home completely dead tired but completely grateful for the opportunity to be serving a mission ๐Ÿ˜Š 

*Saturday night all of the missionaries in our zone sang our Mission Hymn for Stake Conference, Adult session. The spirit was so strong! Also that reminds me... while in Don Bosco for Stake Conference the rain was so hard that water started pouring in from the ceiling and the Sunday Session was moved to Pavas... We dont know whats going to happen to the church in Don Bosco. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

*All of the missionaries in our zone also stood up together on the bus and sang hymns for the people. It was a super cool experience. #ILoveMyZone 

*We found a man about two days ago in Pavas... talked to him for about twenty minutes and on Sunday he came to church all on his own! Ahhh we were so surprised but so happy! 

Also I just want to say how grateful I am for my mission president. He is amazing and I dont talk about him as much as I should. He´s great. 
And I think thats all I have for ya´ll this week... Have a wonderful week! Love you all! 
Hermana Bass

1. Me and my companion! 
2. Pics of my favorite little kids here in Pavas! They are adorable

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