Monday, August 29, 2016


Week 27

Hello friends and family! Its been a wonderful week here in Costa Rica!! 😁
ALBERTO AND SILVANA WERE MARRIED AND BAPTIZED. Saturday morning we set up decorations for the wedding and got everything ready. During the wedding me and my companion, Hermana Santos were the two witnesses and got to sign this really official looking document. That was probably the coolest thing thats happened to me in the mish so far 😂 Right after their wedding they changed into their white clothes and we had their baptisms. Silvana was terrified of the water being cold and her fears were recognized when she walked into the font. She started yelling how cold it was... When she took the hand of Elder Orellana she said, RÁPIDO ELDER. Everyone was dying laughing... I just love both of them so much! Afterwards they had a party at their house and we all headed over to eat some delicious food and celebrate! They were both confirmed on Sunday but we almost died of anxiety because Silvana showed up thirty minutes late and we thought she wasnt going to be able to make it 😂 But everything went great and we are two extremely grateful and happy missionaries 😊❤

And somethin funny that happened to me this week.. I called a taxi while with the Pavas missionaries and a whole family of members. The house we were in is close to a place called Hospital Psiquiátrico (Mental Hospital) but I accidently said IGLESIA Psiquiatrico (Mental Church) oh geez everyone was crying they were laughing so hard... Spanish is hard. 

BUT its so much easier and man I have improved so much since the MTC! I love this language and this crazy country and these crazy people! I just want to reccomend serving a mission to everyone because honestly I am so glad i am here and I have the opportunity to be a Missionary! It is so amazing to watch people change and see a light in their eyes! Silvana went to many different churches and never liked any of them. Her first time in the church she told us there is a peace unlike anything she has ever felt and shes knows our wonderful message is true! As for Alberto he has a past... and many things that he has been holding onto and his baptism was new beginning! He could get rid of all of his burdens and just start fresh... We watched as a light came into both of their faces. This Gospel truly is amazing folks! And I couldnt be happier to be a Missionary in the Costa Rica, San Jose West Mission. 

Hermana Bass

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