Monday, August 29, 2016

JUST A FIRE. But No Big Deal

Week 24

Well the most exciting thing this week happened while we were in a meeting in the church. The missionaries, our ward mission leader, and ward missionaries were all gathered in the church. We started to smell smoke but didnt think much of it.... WE casually ended the meeting with pray and song. We started to hear firetrucks outside but, again, we didnt think much of it. We casually all started to leave the meeting. As we walked outside we saw about a hundred people gathered in front of the church and when we looked up there were huge billows of smoke coming from behind the church. A man came running up yelling, ´´OPEN THE CHURCH GATE.. HURRY OPEN THE CHURCH GATE FOR THE FIREMEN...´´ We ran for the keys to let them in... The fire was right behind the church... Two houses caught fire and luckily the firemen put the fire out before catching the whole church on fire. Nobody was hurt but two dogs died in the houses 😢 I am sending the only pic I have before my camera died!

BUT other than the church almost burning down not much else happened! We had transfers yesterday and I was freaking out all day until my zone leader called and said I am staying in Pavas!! Yay!! I will officially have about five months here in my area! 

We also had splits with the sister training leaders again but this time I left for Escazu! I spent two days in Escazu with Hermana Suazo! I learned a lot from her and I am really grateful for her and her example. AND I gave my first talk in Sacrament yesterday... So yay my Spanish is improving! And me and my companion spent the week selling banana bread to help pay for Alberto and Silvana´s wedding! They are just the best! 


 This week we had a lesson with a woman who is a member but has made some bad decisions and ended up in a really bad place. I had the most spiritual lesson so far in the mission with her. she told us her ex boyfriend had driven up with guns, taken her to his house, and wouldnt let her leave for two days.She sat in front of us and sobbed as she told us all she could do was pray... pray that she would see her kids again... She fell asleep and when she woke up at 5 in the morning she was able to sneak past her ex boyfriend and make it home... She came to church with us on Sunday and folks... I am only telling this story to all you so you can know, just as I know with complete surety, that there is a God. That he is listening and will never leave us alone. It doesnt matter how far we fall from the path... He is ALWAYS waiting with open arms to welcome us back home. Her story is not something I am going to go around sharing because I consider it sacred.. and a moment I will never forget as we all sat her in living room and cried.. I have never felt the spirit stronger in the misson field... He is there... And he is listening... And I hope none of you forget that. 

Hermana Bass❤😉
Not sure the order of the photos but
1. Me, Rebecca (My favorite) and my companion!
2. Photo of me sleeping. Your welcome 
3. Half of the kids in my English class. They are so adorable. 

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