Monday, August 29, 2016


Week 23

Well not much happened this week! But... HAPPY DAY OF AMERICA FOLKS. We were with a member this morning and she put on a video of fireworks... It made it just a little bit easier to be away from the good ol' USA today! [?]

But anyways. We have been visiting a recent convert named Diana and for the past four months since I have been here, she has been trying to find work and a new house for her, and her two kids. And yesterday she finally found a new house and asked us to help her move! I was so happy because honestly her old house was definitely not habitable... Especially for her five and eight year old. Me, Hermana Santos, the Elders, and various members all came together to help her move all of her furniture for about three hours yesterday. And oh geez I have never seen so many cockraoches in my whole life... The beds all had about ten cockroaches in the mattresses and there were rats everywhere.... We have been praying that she could find a new house and i am just so excited for her and her family! And you could just feel the unity when we all came together to help and to give service... and once again I was just hit with the feeling of gratitude for being surrounded by such great people! it was a good day and probably the highlight of my week 😊 

Also I am sending pictures of this CRAZY looking fruit that I ate! hahaha I think its called Mamon or something like that. And I found my dream car here in Costa Rica and had to take a pic... So I am also sending a picture of that. You're welcome. 

Other than that not much else happened! Right now we are teaching a couple named Alberto and Silvana. And our miracle this week is that they are going to get married this month! They are so great... and have the most adorable two year old boy. Pictures coming next week 😉 

Thanks for your support and love! Until next week! 
Hermana Bass

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