Monday, August 29, 2016


Week 30

Okay folks so if you couldnt tell by my title... im feeling all sorts of emotions right now! I am officially leaving Pavas... and I am really sad about that! I am going to miss all of the wonderful people and my hilarious companion! HOWEVER I am headed for Belen, in Heredia!! Only the assistents to the President have been in this area for the past 8 months! But they decided to split the area in half and send hermanas in! So me and my new companion, Hermana Terrones, are going to open a new area! Ahhhh im super nervous but super excited! Every single person I have talked to has said that Belen is so beautiful... and from what I have seen so far they are all right! I already love it here! and I havent even told you the best part yet! The temple is in my area! I am typing this email from the chapel behind the temple right now! AHHHH OH MY GOODNESS i am just so excited! I am pretty sure we can have lessons outside of the temple with our investigators and we get to work closely with the assistents to the President. If I havent said it a million times... AHHHHHH! hahah Heavenly Father really knows us personally and knows where we should go and who we should be with!

For right now we dont have a house in Belen so we will be living with two other hermanas in a city called Ojo De Agua  until we can find an apartment. I am just feeling so blessed! A lot of people dont know this but about a year ago I was really thinking about going to a University here in Heredia, Costa Rica... I just felt like its what I needed to do. However it was very expensive and things didnt work out... after about four or five months of being so excited to go to Costa Rica, I felt like my dreams got crushed! hahah (Not to be dramatic or anything) 😂It wasnt until September that I got my call and found out I would be going to Costa Rica. And I cant really explain it but somehow I just felt that i would be going to Heredia soon... and I am so excited that here is my chance! I just know there are people here waiting for us to find them! 

The mission really is an amazing experience! Every change or transfer that comes brings something new to learn and you change just a little bit each time. I know I say this every email but I am just so happy I made the decision to serve a mission! 

As for Pavas, my last two days we had a BAPTISM! Randy was baptized on Saturday and confirmed yesterday! This kid has got so much faith and is such an example for his family! We can all learn something from little kids... how to be more patient and obedient and humble! 

Oh my goodness I am just so excited (AND NERVOUS) for what is to come! I have never opened an area but I know that its going to be an adventure! And that I wont be doing it alone! 

1. Me and my new companion Hermana Terrones! (from Mexico) 
2. Bautismo de Randy
3. TEMPLE (taken about five minutes ago... AHHHHH!)

Love you all and wish me luck! ❤ 
Hermana Bass

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