Monday, August 29, 2016


Week 28

Well this week I dont have much time to write but I promise next week I will write more! But this week as I was going through my photos and only had photos with a bunch of my favorite kids here in Costa Rica! So im gunna send them! im not sure the order but there is one of my favorite boys (Alberto and Silvana's kids), one of the adorable girls in my english class that all wrote me messages on the whiteboard, and one of Janiuska... the craziest but cutest little girl ever 😊

Also last night I woke my companion up by yelling, (in Spanish I might add) THE HOUSE BEHIND THE CHURCH IS ON FIRE! hahaha I guess our experience with the church almost burning down really stuck with me! After my companion asked me what the heck was happening I said, ''i really hope that this is real and isnt a dream'' and then went back to sleep. hahahah im crazy in my sleep. 

But anyways have a great week! and I promise there will be more next week! 

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