Monday, August 29, 2016


Week 31

Okay so I honestly didnt think things could get any better than last week but I was definitely wrong about that! Last week I mentioned that we didnt have a house in Belén so we were living with the Hermanas in Ojo De Agua, and finding a house was difficult. So the assistents to the President decided to move out and give us their house! hahah I feel just a little guilty for kicking them out but only just a little bit because OH MY GOODNESS WE LIVE RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE TEMPLE!  And the house is an added-on section to some members house, so on tope of living in front of the temple we are living next to the MOST amazing family ever! Sister Brenas brought us muffins right out of the oven on sunday morning and geezo I just feel like I dont deserve to be in such an amazing area... I keep asking myself what I did to deserve such a wonderful area and I hope we will find success here! Sometimes its easy to feel inadequate... Especially when you are helping in a work that definitely is not your own.. But i keep remembering the words of Elder Rasband when he spoke us in the MTC. That he who the Lord calls, he qualifies.

Me and my companion also gave talks on Sunday and got to meet the members of the ward... they are all so great! we´ve had a bunch of lessons with the assistents and thats a bit scary! hahah But our chapel is behind the temple and its so beautiful! On Saturday we had an activity for Sociedad De Socorro to celebrate Mothers Day and we had a Mariachi come and it was so fun! 

OH! and we have a family from utah that are living in our ward and they dont speak any Spanish! We went to visit them and oh geez that was a rough time because I legit have no idea how to do missionary work in English... and talking was hard. hahaha 

But anyways its been a great week and I cant wait to see what the next week brings! 

1. Temple! 
2. My beautiful area! ush! 

Hermana Bass

P.s. Belén in english is Bethlehem so I am just praying I can stay here until Christmas! hahah how cool would that be?? Christmas in Bethlehem??

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