Monday, August 29, 2016


Week 26

Sorry I dont have much time to write so instead I am going to send some pictures! time is going by so fast and on Wednesday i will have been gone for six months!  im already a third into my mission and only panicking a little bit because honestly i love it here and i want time to go by slower!
This week we had Week of Miracles and it went great! We all stood in front of the church and sang hymns for the people passing by and after we headed for the Carpio to help the Elders find new people to teach... also had a bunch of activities to collect money for the family that lost their home in the fire a few weeks ago. 

AND THE MOST EXCITING NEWS.. Alberto and Silvana had their baptism interviews and we waited a whole day to find out it they could be baptised or not... we got a text from our zone leaders saying that they can be baptised on July 30th  and we literally jumped out of our seats and started screaming and hugging each other... that was good bonding moment with my companion ðŸ˜Š❤ We have really been stressed about that! So this week is going to be filled with helping them plan their wedding and baptism! 

it also rained alot this week.. To the point where we couldnt get to one of our investigators house because the whole street was flooded.. along with a car in the middle of the flood... Im sending a picture ðŸ˜Š 

Also sending a picture of our bus selfie this morning! I guess its some kind of holiday in Costa Rica so today there was literally NO ONE on the bus and we had the whole thing to ourselves! It was good time ðŸ˜Š Afterwards we all headed to the church in Alejuelita... and because we have about six Elders from El Salvador in our zone we made pupusas.. AND PLAYED PING PONG. The only negative thing is I have had a cold for the past two days and im hoping im better by tomorrow! But all in all it was a great week! and today im grateful for my zone and my companion and that Im here in Costa Rica ðŸ˜Š Love you all! have a great week! 
Hermana Bass 

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