Monday, January 9, 2017


Week 32

​Well this week I dont have much time to write but I am going to try to write everything. Today me and my zone headed up to a hike named Monte De la Cruz. Oh my goodness it was 60 degrees up there!! Everyone was freezing to death. I wont lie and say I wasnt a LITTLE BIT cold. And just in case you dont believe me, I am sending a picture of the thermometer.

And it rained every day this week... that was fun. OH! Also. me and companion got lost saturday night and ended up walking for about 3 hours to find an investigators house.. that was NOT fun. 

I also learned something really valuable this week! On monday we had family home evening with a few members in our ward. Afterwards, the assistents to  the President drove us to our house so we didnt have to walk. By the time we got to our house, it was about 8:50 pm. Now if you are familiar with the mission rules you´ll know that missionaries are not supposed to enter their houses until 9. In my head I felt like it was pointless to go out for five minutes longer because we wouldnt have time for a lesson and there was hardly anyone in the streets. However, my companion insisted we head out for five minutes longer. So we left the house and went to go talk to people in front of the temple. We turned the corner and almost right in front of us was a woman. We stopped her and after about 3 minutes she started crying right there in street... telling us about how her family had left Venezuela because it was really dangerous and how her oldest daughter was still there. The following day we met her husband and her son and had a really amazing lesson with them and a member in our ward who is also from Venezuela. They really are an amazing family! And I just learned so much from that experience... The first is obedience. As we walked away from that street contact I just couldnt help but laugh a little bit and say a quick ´´okay you were right....´´ to Heavenly Father... and my companion 😉 I can promise you that there are blessings attached to EXACT obedience. And sometimes we just have to put in just a little more effort to see Gods hand! Most people dont have problems with the ´´big´´ commandments like killing someone or robbing a house. Most of the time we are disobedient with the little things... like keeping the sabbath day holy or telling a white lie. HOWEVER we can show our love for God by obeying ALL of his commandments... big or little! And I know he will bless us! 

That same night Me and my companion sat on our porch with the temple in front of us, listening to some sweet church music, eating warm cinnamon roles that the members next door brought to us, and just feeling so grateful to be here... grateful for the lessons learned and the people I have met. If I havent said it a thousand times... I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! 

But I think thats all I have for you this week! Love you all! Have a great week! 
Hermana Bass

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