Monday, January 9, 2017


Week 46

 So lets just say this week I cried a lot! I have no idea what happened but my wonderful companion, Hermana Terrones was sent home to Mexico on Thursday. It is crazy how everything can change in a second! We got the news at 8 o´clock at night and at 3 in the morning we left for the airport with the AP´s to drop her off. There were lots of tears and I am still in shock that she really is gone! I spent four days in a trio with the sisters in Ojo De Agua and we kept having to travel back and forth between Belen and Ojo. And the saddest but best part is that ALVARO AND ANIELKA GOT MARRIED AND BAPTISED WOOOOOOOO!!!!! My companion was not there to see it... but I know she was there in Spirit! We have been working with this family since August and it was such an amazing thing to watch them finally take this step in their lives!

And I got to be with the famous Hermana Hubble and Hermana Ramirez in a trio this whole week! We had a good time together :) But sad to say our trio has come to an end. Today we headed for the Mission Office to meet my new companion! AND she is a mini missionary! Which is basically means a member from here in Costa Rica that is going to be with me until Christmas! Her name is Sister Wong and I know you are all jealous that I get to be with a Chino until Navidad 😂[?]

So it was a crazy week filled with baptisms and weddings and tears and new companions. But I am learning so much from every experience I have and I have realized that sometimes we just have to trust that Heavenly Father knows what he is doing... We have to trust that he has a plan for us and even though sometimes its not very fun, in the end he knows what is best for us. I cant wait to find out what adventure God is going to throw at me next. 😉 

Miss you all and hope you have a wonderful week!!

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