Monday, January 9, 2017


Week 38

Okay I feel like my letters are getting shorter and shorter! One of these days I am going to have enough time to write everything that happened in the week 😂 The theme of this week was Word of Wisdom because it seemed like we just ended up teaching it over and over again and I really gained a testimony of it this week! I have seen so many people here that are completely addicted to drugs or to alcohol and it just makes me extremely grateful that I have never walked down that path.

This week we also headed to Heredia stake center because the Elders had a baptism and one of our investigators wanted to watch. Me and companion had to give a presentation in front of everyone about the Plan of Salvation and our president ended up coming and watching it! That was pretty scary! hahah but it went well and I feel my Spanish skills improving. There are so many things I still cant say and so many things I still have to learn but sometimes I look and think... wow I am understanding everything this person is saying! hahah learning a language is a cool experience. I also learned that in this life Heavenly Father is going to have us to hard things... Not because he wants us to struggle or to be afraid but because he knows that there is growth on the other side. A mission is a hard thing... There are good days and bad days... but nobody said it was easy, only worth it. 
Have a great week and remember that sometimes we have to go through hard things to really progress and become better disciples of Jesus Christ. 
Hermana Bass 

p.s. I dont have photos today because I accidently left my camera at home. sorry 😢

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