Monday, January 9, 2017


Week 36

​Well another transfer just flew by and i am so happy to say I am staying in Belen! Also shout out to my companion, Hermana Terrones. I dont talk about her enough! She is amazing and I am so grateful we are companions! It was a rough couple weeks and I really dont know what I would have done without her. YAY FOR COMPANIONS 😊 

This week we also had an activity in the church called, ´´movie night´´ Me and my companion brought some investigators and were super excited about it! We were all sitting down with our popcorn with lights off... as the movie started we realized that is definitely was not a church movie (As missionaries we can only watch church movies lol) We sat there uncomfortable for about a minute debating what we should do because it wasnt a bad movie, just not a church movie, and we had brought people who arent members. However, we decided to leave and wait outside. As we were waiting outside the thought came to me to call a man we met in the street. We called him up and asked if he could meet us in front of the temple to teach him about the gospel... and he said ´´sure sound good!´´ ... we were both shocked! hahaha This man had been turning us down every single time we called and we were about ready to give up on him! But he ended up coming to the temple, we had a lesson, he accepted a baptism date, came to all the sessions of conference yesterday, and we had another lesson in front of the temple yesterday! We have a phrase here in the Costa Rica West Mission that everyone loves to repeat ´´La obediencia EXACTA hace milagros´´ Exact obedience does miracles! I feel like this is a concept that Heavenly Father really wants me to understand because over and over I have recieved a testimony and seen miracles when we are exactly obedient!

AND, if you didnt already know, GENERAL CONFERENCE HAPPENED. I dont know if you folks remember but back in April I legit did not understand a word of conference.. It was cool to see my progress with Spanish since then! Although I will say I miss hearing the voices of the Apostles and Prophet. But it was a great weekend and we saw a ton of miracles with our investigators coming to conference. 

I really love it here.. I have never in my mission had so many wonderful investigators that are all progressing! Lets hope I can stay here until Christmas! which reminds me... happy halloween! I am definitely going to miss the haunted houses and fall trees and pumkin carving and costumes... Dont have too much fun without me 😉 Also October is a big month for me because the 26th will officially be the middle of my mission!! In the words of one of my best friends, Jason Conover, mother goose with a pickled leapard that was fast. hahahah

 Love you all and thanks for your emails and letters! I love getting them *cough send me letters *cough 
Hermana Bass

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