Monday, January 9, 2017


Week 33

Hola amigos!

Like my title says, this week we had splits with the sister training leaders and I headed for San Francisco! I was so excited because my first day in Costa Rica, before i knew who my trainer was, I spent two days with the sisters in San Francisco! So I got to go back and see some of the people i met my first day here!! It was so cool to see the progess I have made since March... we knocked on the door of a convert named Ana and she opened the door she was so excited and yelled, ´´I TOLD YOU THAT YOU WOULD COME BACK AND BE IN THIS HOUSE AGAIN!´´ hahaha the first time with this woman i legit did not understand a word of what she said to me... When we met with her almost six months ago the sister missionaries were translating everthing she said for me and I have never forgotten her conversion story in my 7 months here in Costa Rica! It was so cool to see her again and to be able to understand and talk to her. I also got to see the progess I have made in missionary work and just being a missionary in general! It was good time! Sending pictures of Hermana Dubon and my time in San Fransisco! 

Also this week Costa Rica is celebrating their independence! 🎉💥 Yesterday, for the last ten minutes of church all of the members headed out and sang the national anthem in front of the flag... And I guess these people dont put their hand on their hearts here... It made me miss the United States only a little bit 😉 

But other than that we are finding and teaching and there are a lot of great things happening in our area right now! I LOVE BELEN! 
Hermana Bass 

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