Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Okay first things first... last week I told you all that I saw a whole bunch of fireflies... they were LIGHTNING BUGS... sometimes I forget how to speak english 😂
This week we had an intense lesson with a girl named Marcelina.. That was a good time and we all felt the spirit. She came to church yesterday to hear me and my companion give our talks! We will see what happens.

Also this week Ana and Rodolfo moved houses and now they live in a giant farm... lets just say its an adventure visiting them now. Last night we left their house at around 8:30 at night and i have never seen so many lightning bugs in my whole life... ahhhh coolest thing ever.
It was a good week and I definitely learned a lot. I have been studying in the New Testament this week and I feel like I have gotten to know the Savior more...I was reading in Mark chapter 9... oh my goodness I love this chapter so much. It talks about the man who had a son that was very sick.... he went to Jesus Christ and begged him saying, ´´have compassion on us, and help us´´ and Jesus Christ responded by saying, ´´If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.´´   And I can just imagine as the man responds with tears in his eyes and cries out, ´´ Lord, I believe.............. help thou mine unbelief´´
Sometimes we all have moments where it is hard to believe but I KNOW that he can help us through those times. In the end of the story Jesus Christ is able to heal the son because his father had faith. And just imagine.. he had Jesus Christ sitting right in front of him and it was still hard for him to believe. Folks I know that we can do anything and get through anything with faith in him. And just like President Utchdorf said, Doubt your doubts before doubting your faith.
Hermana Bass

 okay so this week I didnt take many pictures... hahah but here is one of me... THEY CHANGED THE RULES AND WE CAN WEAR SHORTER SKIRTS NOW woooo! Here is a picture to celebrate it. 😂🎉❤👊 also a picture of me and companion in ana and rodolfos new house!

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