Tuesday, June 27, 2017



I am writing on Thursday because our Pday got changed... There isnt much to share this week because I feel like I blinked and then here and I am again writing to you all! This morning our zone got to go to the temple. Its the best being the area of the Temple because we are good friends with all the temple workers :) 

Also I dont know if y´all remember but back in December Anielka and Alvaro got married and were baptized here in Belen! And I am super excited because we spent the week helping them with their Family History and yesterday they had their interviews to go to the temple..... and TODAY they are going to go to baptisms!! And the best part? We get to go! (Ush twice in one day) We asked President for permission and he said we could! WOoo! #NuevosConversosVanAlTemplo ❤ 

This week we also had a talent show in the ward... Me, my companion, and the elders performed ´´el pollito pio¨´ Que Venguenza. Im gunna try and send a video.. but only with one condition. You dont judge us 😂

It was a good week! Love you all and hope you have a great week! 
Hermana Bass 

2. PINTO! Basically the most delicious thing you will ever eat... ever.

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