Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Well this week we saw miracles folks! We have been teaching a girl named Kassandra. She is 22 and her boyfriend is a member of the church. She has been coming to church for awhile but said she wanted to wait to talk to the missionaries. Her boyfriend left to Guatemale for three months and we thought for sure she would stop coming without him... HOWEVER she ended up coming by herself and we ended up meeting with her in front of the temple on Monday. We talked about baptism and asked if she was interested. She went on to tell us an amazing story about how she recieved an answer and how she knows the church is true. We asked if she would like to wait to be baptized until May when her boyfriend (member) gets back but she said she made up her mind and wants to be baptized this coming week. We were so shocked! But it was a definitely a miracle :) I will keep you posted. 

Also a little story I would like to share... We were visiting a family and one of them brought out a poem that he had written and asked us to read it... just looking at the page I could tell that it wasnt a poem that had very good words... or a good message. I didnt want to make things awkward but I had to say something.. so I told him that as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, we dont read things like that. He then went on to say that it wasnt a big deal and if you have a strong foundation in the church, it shouldnt matter what you read or watch or listen to. While he was talking I realized that to have ´´a strong foundation´´ you have to watch out for things like that..and refrain from watching or listening to things that take away the spirit. He didnt agree. hahahah but we got home and I was thinking about the experience and put on some aweseome church music and I was just laying in bed listening to the peaceful music and HOLY COW was hit with the spirit SOO strong telling me that it was true what I had said.. that if we want the spirit in our lives we have to be careful what we watch and listen to and read... I know its obvious and I have heard it a million times before in all my sunday school classes and in all my seminary years... but I defintely gained a testimony of that this week! There is a reason missionaries can only listen to church music or can only watch church movies.. because without the spirit we are just teaching in vain. And without the spirit in our lives we can get lost or make wrong decisions. Geezo Im grateful to have a Heavenly Father that constantly helps me to grow and become a better person... :) 

Hermana Bass 

1. The cutest twins EVER 
2. Some gringos in our ward invited us over to eat CAFE RIO... oh my goodness I was the happiest person ever 
3. I FOUND SOMEONE FROM SOUTH JORDAN WHO WENT TO BINGHAM. HERMANA FINN! And of course we had to take a picture. we definitely went to school together for two years but never ran into each other! We do have some friends in common though! #CodyMoyes 

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