Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Selfies and BAPTISMS

Okay so this week was definitely one for the books. To start things off I SAW FIREFLIES FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE! :D We were walking down the street a few nights ago and a firefly flew into my face and I turned around and in the field next to us there there were a whole bunch and it was coolest thing ever... For awhile there I thought fireflies only existed in the movies 😉
AND this week they switched out our old brick phones for samsung galaxy phones...🎉👍  lets just say Im not used to using a smart phone. After 16 months you tend to forget a few things 😂 But I am gunna send you all our first selfie! #Technology
And last but not least this week Shana (Darwins sister) got baptized!!! WOOO! Oh my goodness her baptism was so spiritual... we sang: I Like To Look For Rainbows and while we were singing, it started pouring rain outside and it was a good moment.😊❤ After she was baptized, she was asked to share her testimony and she just started crying. She said that she was so grateful to have learned about the Gospel and more than anything that she had learned what repentence really means. She cried as she told us all that the most important thing we taught her is that through Jesus Christ she can have a clean slate and be forgiven for our past mistakes. I wont lie and say we werent crying as well ;) We love Shana :)
It was a good week folks :)
Hope you all had a good one as well!
Hermana Bass
2. I am a grandma!! My daughter and my daughters daughter! Three Generations :)

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