Tuesday, June 27, 2017


1. This week we were visiting the Bishop and he had some birds that we were holding and one of them pooped on my companera´s hand... I about died laughing. I am sending pictures! 
2. After a family home evening, one of members starting passing out the refreshments... lets just say I got a sandwhich FILLED with ants and oh my goodness I could not bring myself to eat it... I was looking around me and everyone was eating their sandwhich like nothing was wrong with it! And I didnt want to be rude and say something so I ended up shoving the sandwhich in my backpack... I had a backpack full of ham, mayonaise, AND.... ants 😂

This week was Week of Miracles... we headed out in splits with all of the missionaries and traveled to San Roque, and Liberia. We also have been teaching a younger guy named Darwin... We had some great lessons with him and his sister and he has come to church three times in a row! Yesterday was such a good sunday! The talks in Sacrament were so great. My companion gave her last testimony because she is finishing her mission this coming week.. also the Stake President talked about how we arent just members for an hour or two every sunday... but that we are members in every moment... that we need to LIVE the gospel of Jesus Christ in every day. He talked about how we need to keep the sabbath day holy... and any time that we feel like we dont want to go to church we just need to think about Jesus Christ and how he probably didnt want to be nailed to the cross... Any time that we think it might be difficult to go we need to think of Jesus Christ and what he went through. Oh geez it was such a powerful talk! It was a good way to start the week :) 

BUT THE BEST PART OF THE WEEK: Our 82 year old abuelo got baptized!! Wooo! We were so happy! Sending pictures!! 

Things you should know about Guanacaste:
So we only have cold water to shower with and at first I real sad about that... but now I see that it is definitely a blessing to only have cold water. 
Also we have to handwash most of our clothes here... So thats fun :) 

1. Alvaro´s baptism 
2. So we have a taxi driver that is definitely our favorite... his name is Joel and lets just say he is the funniest venezolano here in Costa Rica 😂 The other day we were in the car with him and he started blasted ´´AND IIIIIIIIIII WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU´´ by whitney housten... we let him know that we can only listen to church music but it was hilarious watching him dance and sing to that song. hahahah Sending pictures! 

Love you all! Thanks for still reading my letters after almost 15 months ;) 
Hermana Bass 

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