Tuesday, June 27, 2017


OKAY STORY TIME. (I know you all love my stories) ;)

About two weeks ago me and my companion needed to find new people to teach. We have a huge map of our area in our apartment and we decided to pray and then choose a street to visit. After choosing the street we left to knock on doors. and on this WHOLE street only one older man opened the door. He told us he wasnt interested but that he sells pupusas (A type of food from El Salvador) so he gave us his number if we ever wanted to eat Pupsusas. ðŸ˜‚😂 Flash forward to about a week ago. We didnt have somewhere to go for lunch so we called this guy up and asked for Pupusas. He seemed really surprised that we called. We headed over to his house and ended up meeting his wife and sitting down to eat with them. We left them a pamphlet and casually talked a little about our message. Flash forward to this past Friday. We decided to celebrate my one year anniversary with Pupusas so we called this guy up AGAIN. This time we ate with them and while were all laughing and joking and eating when this man got serious and said, ´´hermanas. I am really sick. I dont know how much time I have left here. I have made a lot of mistakes... I have no idea where I will go when I die. I dont believe in Religion´´ and we all sat there in a heavy silence... not knowing what to tell him. We finally broke the silence and shared a little bit about a plan that Heavenly Father created for us. A plan that makes its possible for us to all make it back to him...We invited him to pray about it. After eating delicious pupusas we left to visit other people. That same night we got a call from this man... and oh my goodness you guys should have seen me and my companion... HE´S CALLING US. WHAT DO WE DO! YOU ANSWER IT! NO YOU ANSWER IT! hahahahah  ðŸ˜‚ I ended up answering it and this guy says, ´´Hermanas! Do you guys have lunch tomorrow?? If not come and eat with us here! FREE´´ hahah oh my goodness we were so excited. We headed over to eat lunch with him and his wife on Saturday and ended up sharing more with him. He has so many doubts and doesnt believe in Jesus Christ or the Bible... let alone our story about prophets and latter day revelation😂😂 But I just cant help but hope that maybe he can change and become a better person...  That maybe we were sent there for a reason and maybe.. JUST MAYBE... we can help him :) But he definitely needs a lot of prayers his way! #PrayForJose

As for this week it was a good one! Other than the fact that I got a bloody nose while walking in the street and literally had nothing but my sciptures in my backpack and DEFINITELY wasnt going to use those ;) so I ended up ripping off some leaves from a nearby tree to try to get it to stop. Lets just say it didnt work out to well and I looked like I had killed someone with blood all down my face and all over my hands. That was a great experience. hahahah

But all in all it was a good week :) Love you all. And just so you all know I am know as the missionary who gets the most mail in my whole mission... so thanks for being the best family and friends a missionary could ask for 😊❤. And thanks for not forgetting about me over here in Costa Rica 😉 hahah! Love you all and hope you have a great week!
Hermana Bass
1. Our neighbor gave us donuts to celebrate one year in the mission :) 

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