Tuesday, June 27, 2017


This week we had Leadership Council! Which means we had to take a five hour bus ride to San Jose where the Mission Office is and another five hour bus ride to go back... We left Thursday afternoon and didn't get home until Friday at about 11. But it was a great and we learned a lot!
 QUOTES FROM PRESIDENT LABORIEL (the best of the best)
-Sea obediente hasta el fin de nuestras vidas
-Una sonrisa ablanda el corazon y la amabilidad abre las puertas
Also conference weekend! It was my third and last conference here in Costa Rica :( Its been fun to see the progress I have made in Spanish since my first conference. haha I didnt understand anything! But this weekend was great and if you didnt get the chance to listen... I recommend talks by Joaquin E. Costa, Neil L. Anderson and weatherford T. Clayton. Those were my favorites.

Things you should know about Guanacaste
1. The streets here are all dirt... so basically when I get home at night I have a layer of dirt on me and all my clothes. (Sweat and dirt make a great combination)
2. EVERYONE opens the door and wants to listen to our message... seriously... We don't even finish telling them who we are and they ask us to come in and share something...
3. -I don't know if this will make sense in English but im gunna try. hahaha We met a man that was bringing electricity to a family because they didnt have lights in their house... later we were telling the story to an Elder and told him that the man was ´´dando luz´´ or ´´giving light´´ .... however in Spanish ´´dando a luz´´ can also mean giving birth hahahhaha oh my goodness the Elder´s face about killed me.
4. And speaking of electricity.... THE LIGHTS IN THE WHOLE CITY WENT OUT YESTERDAY and I about died of heatstroke... because no electricity means no fans. But dont worry folks it came back on after a few hours :)
Hermana Bass

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