Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Well this week was a good one! Remeber Kassandra? The girl I was talking about last week? Well I told you I would keep you all posted and I have good news! SHE WAS BAPTIZED THIS SATURDAY. After her baptism there was a light just radiated from her and she was so happy :) She came out of the water with THE biggest smile. ❤

This week we had our week of miracles again! On Friday we spent ALL DAY in Ojo De Agua inviting people to take a tour of the church and to watch a short video... Lets just say me and my companion witnessed a miracle :) We were out on the street inviting people to come in and NO ONE was interested. hahah Thats when we decided to go knock on a random door. We chose a street and a house and ended up finding a younger woman with three young kids. She said she didnt have time but we shared a short message with her and she promised to come back later in the night. We left and about five hours later were inside the church helping with the tour when she showed up... the very last minute. We were so excited... we showed her the video and then talked to her about the gospel. We told her God was listening to her prayers and that he loved her and she burst into tears... and we did too. We had THE most spiritual lesson and I know she felt it :) She isnt in our area but we introduced her to the Elders and they just informed us that she came to church yesterday with her whole family :) Folks... Heavenly Father really is there and he really does listen to us and know us :) 

Like I said.. it was a good week :) 
Miss you all so much and love you all! Thanks for still reading my letters after 13 months 😉 #EndureToTheEnd
Hermana Bass

2. Costa Rica San Jose Temple 

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