Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Okay friends I dont have much time so this will probably be the shortest letters in the history of letters. This was my first week with my new companion, Hermana Guavara! She is from Honduras and she is a great companion!
This week:
1. Our family came all came to church yesterday and oh my goodness we were soooo happy! #WeLoveTheGomezFamily
2. We had the best lesson with a girl named Shana (darwins sister) She came to church yesterday and is planning on being baptized on the 20th. I will keep you posted.
3. Also I wrote about Alex back in belen... my daughter sent me a picture and a note telling me that he got baptized this week!!!! WOOO! So happy for him :) also did I tell you that my daughter is training her own daughter? Know what that means?? thats right. I am officially a grandma. hahahah

AND the best part of my week... we went to visit our 82 year old abuelito and he was sitting down writing something... we asked him what he was writing but he told us to wait.. we waited until he finally finished and handed us a white envelope... i looked inside and he had written a note with his name and address and at the top wrote ´´Alvaro´s tithing´´´with about ten dollars inside... oh my goodnes it was the cutest thing ever! #bestconvertever
Love you all! Have a great week!
Hermana Bass
PS. We are using an old interet place here in Liberia and the computers are so old that you cant send pictures :( so sorry folks you dont get pictures this week!  know you are all going to miss my face ;)

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