Tuesday, June 27, 2017


This week was an awesome week! Elder Alonso came to talk to the missionaries here in Costa Rica and oh my goodness while he talked I felt the spirit SO strong... and I never want to forget what I felt in that meeting... it was so powerful :) Ahhh I love being a missionary. We basically spent the whole week in San Jose in conferences. When we got back we had a mini mtc activity with the stake for all of the future missionaries in Guanacaste. It was funny because I remember when my own stake had the same activity, I didnt go... because I said hat I was never going to go on a mission so it was pointless to go to the activity... I thinking about that experience and laughing because so much has changed since then I could not be happier that I made the decision to come here.... Its definitely changed my life folks :) Also you never know what kind of plans God has in store for you!
And the best thing ever happened... about four months ago we had an open house in Belen while I was still with Hermana Varela. We were inviting people in the streets to come in to have a tour of the church. NOBODY was interested and we were getting a little disapointed. We decided to say a prayer and go knock on a random door in a neighborhood close to the church. The first door we knocked on was a younger woman with three little kids. She promised us she was going to come to the open house later in the night... five hours later (As we were about to end the activity) she showed up and we were so excited. We had the most spiritual lesson with her and cried together... then passed the reference on to the elders who were in that area (She didnt live in Belen).... last week one of those elders informed me that she was baptized this last week along with her daughters and her husband... oh my goodness I could not even believe it. We really are sowing seeds with every single person we talk to. And the field is white and ready to harvest guys... I know thats true because I have seen it here in Costa Rica.
Its been a great week :) But I love you all and we are still using the old computers so I cant send pictures :(
Hermana Bass

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